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How to Increase Blood Oxygen Level

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How to Increase Blood Oxygen Level

Low blood oxygen, or hypoxemia, is common with some diseases or medical conditions, such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), Covid, flu, pneumonia, sleep apnea, and asthma. But did you know that your blood may not be getting enough oxygen for other reasons, even if you’re not sick? Poor posture and breathing shallowly, poor room ventilation, a poor diet, and even dehydration can also reduce the amount of oxygen in your blood.


What can you do about low blood oxygen?










Want to increase your oxygen levels quickly? Try this!

  1. Do 25 jumping jacks, then rest until your heart rate has almost returned to normal.
  2. Do 25 more jumping jacks, but this time do them faster. Try and finish in half the time of your last set. Take time again and recover.
  3. Do 35 jumping jacks. Take some time to recover.
  4. Do several more sets, taking rests between each set.
  5. Do this exercise 3 times per week and soon you’ll find that you’re able to work out at a high intensity. Best yet, you’ll likely be doubling the blood to your brain and tripling the blood to your heart.


Please seek advice from your physician before doing this or any other form of exercise or physical exertion.2


Note: You may have seen “oxygen supplements” advertised which claim to improve blood oxygen levels. Be cautious before paying for “liquid oxygen” or “oxygen drops.” These products are typically added to water to be drunk, but it’s important to realize that oxygen is absorbed through the lungs, not the stomach. Though such products may be promoted by testimonials, research does not support their claims. 

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