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Different Kinds of Fasting

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Different Kinds of Fasting

If you feel you cannot do a water-only fast, consider trying one of these fasts. Your body will still receive nutrition, but it will also have some extra energy to devote to healing and repair work. The same guidelines given for doing the supercharged three-day water cleanse apply to each of these fasts.



Juice Fasting

You can enjoy fasting on freshly made juices for a whole day, a whole week or as long as you can do it.



A 5-Day Fruit and Veggie Cleanse



For 3 days, drink 8-12 glasses of freshly squeezed juice. At least 85% of the juice should be from vegetables. The rest can be fruit such as apple, orange, beet, or celery.


Drink juice throughout the day. If you find you are hungry, add more juice.


On the 4th day, eat only fresh raw fruits.


On the 5th day have fresh raw fruit for breakfast and fresh raw veggies for lunch.


On the 6th day, return to your regular eating schedule.




Mono-food Fasting



A mono-food fast is when you choose one food for its nutrient qualities and eat only that one food for the length of your fast. Consult a book like The Whole Foods Companion, which tells you the nutrients different foods contain. Then choose the food you want to use for a day or two and watch your body go to work.


Here are some foods that are especially good for mono-food fasting:




A Grape Cleanse



This cleanse is excellent for people with mucus, phlegm, or pus build-up in their body manifested through symptoms such as fatigue, asthma, bronchitis, hurting liver, painful bowels, edema, varicose veins, headaches, skin rashes and irritations, and constipation.


Grapes are fantastic for cleaning the whole body. Here are some health benefits of grapes:




To achieve these results, grapes are best eaten alone as a meal. Grape fasting cleanses the tissues and the taste buds bringing them into harmony with a healthful appetite. Your desire for stimulating foods will be greatly lessened.



A 3-Day Melon Cleanse



This cleanse is for those with high blood pressure, but not for diabetics. Do not use this cleanse if you have diabetes.


For 3 days, eat nothing but melons such as canteloupe, watermelon, and honeydew. You may eat as often you are hungry as melons digest very rapidly when eaten alone. Make sure your melons are ripe, and drink plenty of water.


This cleanse will help clean your body tremendously. Melons clean the nephronic membranes of the kidneys better than anything known.




One-Day-A-Week Fasting



Some people incorporate regular, short-term fasting into their lifestyle. You can choose water, juice, or mono-food fasting and do it one day each week. If you choose to do this, your body will benefit from a regular rest from digestive work and will be able to routinely commit energy to tissue repair.






As you embark on this positive lifestyle change, consider the benefits not just for yourself, but also for those around you and for the glory of God.


Learn more about a super-charged three-day cleanse and how to prepare for it!


Adapted from Rudy and Jeanie Davis’ lecture Please Hold the Extras. 


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