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Epsom Salt Rub

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Epsom Salt Rub

An Epsom salt rub or salt glow is an inexpensive natural treatment for poor circulation, low blood pressure, frequent colds, cancer, and many other ailments. A salt glow treatment is easy to do. Here’s how! 


Are you tired, frequently sick, or struggling with poor circulation? An epsom salt rub or salt glow might be just the thing for you! A salt glow involves the application of wet salt with friction to the patient’s skin. This widens the blood vessels, making the skin glow by encouraging better circulation and bringing a fresh supply of blood to the skin.



Conditions that Benefit from an Epsom Salt Rub

An epsom salt rub or salt glow treatment can help with the following health problems:



Additionally, salt glow stimulates the skin, muscles and nerves and behaves as a general tonic. 





When Not to Use an Epsom Salt Rub

An epsom salt rub or salt glow treatment is dangerous if you have the following health conditions:



Additionally, use caution if performing a salt glow on people who have sensitive skin or are frail, such as the elderly. Salt glow may not be beneficial for babies or very small children. 




Doing a salt glow doesn’t have to be difficult or require costly equipment. You likely have everything you need in your home.




Important Considerations



  1. Moisten salt just enough to stick to the skin
  2. Assemble everything needed for the treatment
  3. Patient should either stand or sit with feet in the tub of water (see precautions under Foot Bath)
  4. Wet the patient’s legs with water from the tub
  5. Apply wet salt and rub vigorously until skin is pink
  6. Proceed in this order: legs, arms, chest and abdomen, back, hips, and buttocks
  7. Remove all salt with water: spray, pour, or shower the water on the patient, or rinse the patient in the bathtub
  8. While ensuring the patient stays warm, dry the patient by vigorously rubbing the skin with a towel to cause friction.



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